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Structured Observation of Intellectual Functioning in Education (SOIFE)

by Ronnie L. McGhee & David J. Ehrler

Ages: 5-0 through 21-11

Testing Time: 5 to 15 minutes

Administration: Individual

The SOIFE is a scientifically based structured observation system designed for the purpose of helping professionals verify deficits in general intellectual functioning that are consistent with mental retardation or intellectual disabilities. The system links structured observation and statistical probability for diagnosis of intellectual disabilities based on norm-referencing. The SOIFE is composed of 24 items addressing a broad set of problem-solving strategies, conceptual reasoning, self-regulating cognitive abilities, executive-system concepts, and ability to understand spoken language and communicate orally. The SOIFE’s manual outlines the instrument's validity and reliability. For example, internal consistency reliability coefficients exceed .90 for the entire sample. Evidence for stability and interscorer reliability is also provided and coefficients are in the .80s and .90s. Thus, the SOIFE can be used with confidence to yield consistent results.

COMPLETE SOIFE KIT INCLUDES: Examiner’s Manual and 30 Administration and Scoring Forms. (2007)

#11011   SOIFE Complete Kit 

#11012   SOIFE Administration and Scoring Forms (30)

#11013   SOIFE Manual




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